UFIP Barmabel BURMABELL 3: Sonic Set

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This is a musical instrument with three drylike bells.

UFiP's Bamabel.This is a flat bell shaped like a bell.
In an image like the metallic drums, the silen effect is also obtained by silently using the 3-sound as the scale of the sound, or turning around in the shock of hitting the sound.
It's like a hammer, or a hammer-like metal sound, that's different from an ice bell or a finger cymbal.
If you change your bees, you'll enjoy it more!
By the sound of the effect!

Note: The sense of pitch is strong, but it is not a tuned instrument.Please note that the sound is not available for you to specify.

Size: Approximated 12cm x 9.6cm (bell small), 17.5cm x 11.6cm (Bell), approximately 24cm x 16.2cm (Bell Large)
Thickness: 0.49-0.58 cm
3 Sound Sets * No tuning is provided.
Adjunct: Dedicated adapter: The part diameter of the mount section (1.31cm x length, 5cm tall, and the diameter of 1.62cm x 27 cm long)

* The adapter is only for the use of the balloon.If you want to hang or use an instrument other than a barmbell, please be aware of the fall or damage.
* Stand legs are not included in the photo.Only the black pipe portion will be an adjunct.
* There is a solid difference in size and thickness.

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