Contemporaryia Pandeiro PDMV095CT

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9 inch pandero. Jingle 5 pairs type.

Contemporaryia is one of the most popular brazilian musical instrument manufacturers.
This PDMV095CT is about 2.5 cm in diameter smaller than a typical 10" panderillo.
It is a model using traditional hoops and is lighter than panderillos with round hoops.

- Size: 9" × height 48mm
- Shell: Wood
- Head: goat skin
● Traditional hoops
- Pratinera (Jingle): 5 pairs
- Tahasha (tension hook): 6 places
- Weight: about 434g

※ The photo is a product sample. Because it is this skin specification, please understand before that there is an individual difference in the color and the pattern of the skin.

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