JPC Original Multiplayer Mallet JPC4

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[Resale start!] Various popular JPC Multi-play mallet !! If you are troubled by changing Mallet!!

Double head mallet by collaboration of cytumalet and JPC.
It is a multimaret that can meet "Malet replace is not in time!"

Saito's B-4 (ABS resin ball) is attached to the JPC1 grip end, allowing the smallest movement from Glocken to Cymbal, Accessories, etc.!
The Handle is to choose that there are fewer things that have fewer quality rattan materials, and pursue controllable performance.

JPC1 is a wound-roll type that adopts a hard rubber in the head core, and I think that it is possible to feel the taste of this Mallet from the beginning, as it is wound in a state of being moderately applied from the beginning.

● Yarn material: woolen
● Core: Hard Rubber / ABS Ball
● Length: 38 cm
● Handle: Specialized lattan
※ It will be sold in one set of pairs.

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