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The original song is a modern musical impression, Solo.The ensemble version is a national piece of works by adding the scale of the gamelan.

about 4 minutes and 47 seconds.
*The playing time is based on the reference sound, so it depends on the performance method and tempo.

Writer commentary >
The original piece was written for multiple percussion, and then written as an ensemble edition.
Music is going to be developed based on the standard A (the sound of the sound).The long notes are tense, and the 32-minute marks represent the origin of the emotion.It is an impression that the genre of music has become a modern work by using the unstable sound of 5 degrees, including 5 degrees, and 7 degrees in length.Try to play Energish with the power of propulsion, as the sound of the performance by the performance of the same Onmuraji is performed.In the ensemble version, an ethnic aspect was born by adding the scale of Gumran that was not in the original song.

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áUsage musical instruments
Marimba, Tam-Tam, Vibraphone, 2Wood Blck.Chime, Maracas, 2Suspended Cymbals, 4Tom-Toms, Cow Bell, Timpani, Suspended Cymbal, Wind Chime, Timpani, Glockenspiel, Sizzle-Cymbal

áReference etymology
"2017 JPC Ensemble Collection"

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