1st chair round rider

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Standard 1st seat drum Saddam

Ht430b with the most traditional style in 1st chair lineup that adopted a versatile seat seat.
The model designed as a drum slalom basically without the odd, landed in the popular shop always popular top!

Set the diameter of the sheet to 14 mm (about 360 mm) to a height of 120 mm. Combination of seat design "seat link" of new design provides a feeling of stability with stability. The material of the seat surface adopts generic PVC (synthetic leather).

Height adjustment width: 485 to 655 mm
Weight: 5.3 kg
Pipe Sutra: 28.6 mm
Seat: round seat type, PVC top / sheet diameter = 360 mm, sheet thickness = 120 mm
Height adjustment: screw type

1st chair

The first chair drum slash announced by TAMA in 1996. The word "1st chair" refers to a top musician called concert master in the orchestra.

It is a series that was born under the design concept "drum saddle" which is suitable for the "top level".

It is a drum saddle which is suitable for the 1st chair, equipped with various mechanisms with consideration of the height and stability of the seat, the height of the stability, the durability, and durability.

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