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Kazuki fukazuki series final.

Kazuki fukazuki series final.

Read, 'take it.'
Bird's words / Phoenix Hiroyuki

About four minutes and 40 seconds
* it becomes the performance time by reference sound source. Please note that it will vary depending on the tempo.
15th anniversary JPC ensemble collection (CD, DL)

Composer comment = part excerpt
The series was completed with this tune.
The Buddhist temple means a clean place for training, and today it means the arrangement of buildings in temples or temples. I think about the gatherings of birds and the overlapping of temples.
The latter half was an image of the Phoenix from the Phoenix. Phoenix of the title is different from the Phoenix, but translated as a concept of the sacred bird.
* series
Flower corridor, bird building, wind passage, moon labyrinth
Snow lantern, moon labyrinth, flower corridor

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Instruments used
The basics are three parts (three tracks)
Percussion 1: marimba (c28-c76 4 octave *), vibraphone (c-f2.5 octave).
Percussion 2: matimba (C-C 4 octave *)
Percussion 3: marimba (C-C 4 octave *), suspended cymbal, bongo, splash cymbal (or small common), Tom Tom (3), foot bass drum, wind Chi.

The following can be freely incorporated into a tune (7.8 can be played by one person)
Percussion 4: glockenspiel (g59-c882.5 octave), birdcall.
Percsion 5: xylophone (f45-c883.5 octave), birdcall.
Percussion 6: chime (best sound hi-e), birdcall, hi hat cybal.
Percussion 7: shaker, bass drum, Tam Tam, sleigh bell.
Percussion 8: timpani (3 to 4)
* marimba can be played by one

Percussion trio Part 1
Percussion quartets Part 1 - 3, 7 & 8
Mixed quartets 1-3 Piccolo
Percussion Quintets Part 1 - 3, 5, 7 & 8
Percussion octet Part 1-8
Mixed octet parts 1-7 & 8 Piccolo
The combination of parts 4 and later is free.

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