Alpha Nat Hakuhaong Migration Guide for Haku Yama Hiroshi Drummer-Extrusion Method and Phrases Collection- and044

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Tap the drum phrase with a cahon! It is a teaching DVD that was not likely!

I have a great trust from a prominent musicianPercussionist · Hatsu KiyamaCahon Teaching DVD finally released!

It is a very large number of people who start migrating from the drum, the cach. However, even if you try to beat the phrase of the drum, the function divided into bus drags and snare etc. is a representation of one Cajon, so there is one muscle rope.
From such troubles, it is one recommended by those looking for a new cach approach.
Like the coolness of the drum phrase, it is a new perspective that is not likely to play the cajon.

Matsumoto Hasuo has been playing a cach compared to drum performance, and has drawn the image of the Cajon performance.

Of course, there are also a lot of content that combines the basics of the cajon, the structure, the tricks of the jacket, the shaker, etc.

About 50 minutes

Lesson1 Basic Relief of Cahon

(1) Know the structure
(2) How to sit
(3) Posture
(4) Where do you hit the hand?
(5) How to move arms
(6) How to hit the bass part 1
(7) How to hit the bass part 2
(8) How to hit a treble part 1
(9) How to hit a treble part 2
(10) How to hit a slap
(11) Ghost notes
(12) Footworth

Lesson Reproduce the Cajon with a drum!
(1) Bass drum (kick)
(2) Snare
(3) Closed rim shot
(4) Open rim shot
(5) Hy-hat
(6) Tap the pattern
(7) Composite pattern using shaker and bell

LESSON 3 Heel & Toe
(1) Heel & toe
(2) Conga's heel & toe
(3) Bongo Heel & Toe
(4) Fundamentals of heel & toe
(5) Introduction of decorative notes and roles using heel & tou
(6) Introduction of decorative notes using fingers (Arab system)
(7) Decorative note using finger

Lesson4 Practice! Reproduce the drumphrase with the cajon

LESSON5 model introduction
(1) Decora
(2) DG de Gregorio

Lesson 6 A trick to send a comfortable performance life
(1) Poor back pain prevention
(2) Moisture measures

[All 50 phrases recording]

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