Reconquista for Marimba Duo

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夫: Reconquarters

[From score commentary]

This work was composed by the request of Mr. Masao Yoshikawa of Marin Baller.
At that time, there is a requested condition. The instrument has a bass expanded with 5 octaves
Be sure to use it. With an easy-to-understand song, the player can get a physical satisfaction after the play
It was a thing. It will be left to the judgment of people who played how they have achieved.
RECONQUSTA is a land recovery movement in the Iberian Peninsula, but I felt the sound of words is interesting. It has nothing to do with the content and configuration of the song.

[Shujisu Man]

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[Used instrument]

· MARIMBA A25-C76 4-1 / 3 Octave
· MARIMBA C16-C76 5 Octave 1

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