GROVER Bantamweight tambourine T2 / GS-B

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Light and easy to grip

A bantam weight series that is lighter than the conventional GROVER tambourine.
In addition, the head uses Remo's skin tone head instead of genuine leather, and can be used without worrying about the looseness of the skin due to humidity.

The height of the shell is designed to be lower than the conventional series due to the weight reduction, so it is easy to handle even with small hands.

The German silver jingle has a bright and gorgeous sound.
Especially recommended when you want to make the tambourine tone stand out anyway !!

● Jingle: German Silver 10 ”
● Double Jingle (2 rows-17 Jingle) )
● Lightweight hardwood frame
● REMO skin tone head (pretension)
● With soft case

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