XXXX albatross cross for albatross

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Hamaguchi Taya

Croce for albatross

I. bongo, conga (2).
III. drums

[playing time]
About 5 minutes 04 seconds
* performance time depends on the playing method and tempo.

[composer] comment
"Cross for albatross" was written in 2013 for the solo Percussion Quartet "Nanohana". The entanglement of the 16th note of the agate draws four albatross running like X Games.
In the original score (rhythm score), only the rhythm and the minimum intensity are recorded, and the pitch and the strength are assigned to the player.
(for explanation of the playing method)
This time, I wrote an ad lib reference score (ad lib. Score), so please refer to the performance.
Hamaguchi Taya

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