Star Story-Wind Chapter ~ Op. 12 ~ Percussion System for Seven

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JPC work 12th!

«Playing time»
4 minutes 44 seconds
* As a play time for playing time, it is a play time by sound source, so it depends on the performance method and tempo.
Reference sound source:JPC Ensemble Collection Vol. 12 (CD)

Difficulty: Intermediate

"Composer comment" (excerpt)
This song is composed by commissioning of the Chiba City Handmaker Junior High School Band Club, a mother school. The work with morale is the second work to "Star Story" (2002).
"The chapter of the wind" is that the song is consciously conscious of "Wind Orchestra" and the members who confirmed the premiere are originally not percussive parts, but all the articles (Wind Instruments (WIND INSTRUMENTS) It is derived from that).
Those who make music attractive are "singing heart" and I think that what is called "breath" is what you call to those listening. Create a percussion instrument ensemble that resonates with your heart.
Nomoto Yosuke

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Percussion1: Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Crash Cymbals, Bongo, Conga.
Percussion2: Vibraphone, Maracas.
Percussion 3: Marimba (C28-C76 4 octave) *, WIND CHIME, TAM-TAM, BASS DRUM *.
Percussion 4: Marimba (C-C 4 Octave) *, Bass Drum *.
Percussion5: Chime, Tambourine, Triangle, Maracas.
Percussion6: Timpani (4), Claves.
Percussion 7: Suspended Cymbal, Splash Cymbal, Chinese Cymbal, Hi-Hat, Tom-Tom (3), Snare Drum.

※ MARIMBA, BASS DRUM can be played with one.
* If the specified cymbales do not match, it may be substituted by other cymbals owned by other, or only one (or two) can be played.

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