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You can play as a Percussion Quartet or pipe quart.

Concert time
About 5 minutes 00 seconds
* performance time depends on the playing method and tempo.
Reference sound: JPC encemble reference Vol. 12 (CD)

Marimba, vibraphone, chime, TIMP × 3, B.D., low Tom, bongo, congd, CYM., tamdam, wind chime, triangle, Claves, Guiro, metalplate, oceandrum

There is an alto saxophone as part 5, but it is optional and can be played even if it is not.

Degree of difficulty

There are no difficult phrases in total, but 7 / 8 beats from the 30 measure are easy to roll, and it is likely to fall into the 86 measure. Take care of the sound of the 7th beat, taking the first beat of the next measure.
Perc. 1 plays very well until the middle of the board, and it is good for the other part to support the movement of per.1 from the 15o9 frioso, and raise up to the last.

The saxophone is optional, but it adds to the overall echo.

* above is one of the examples of performance.

< composer > >
In 2012, I listened to my best friend's death report at the hotel in Nagoya soon before the performance in Nagoya.
The first day of the day and the week after that. The emotions I had never experienced in my life swirled.
When I was not able to take any action with the feeling of despair and despair, I was able to see one email from him who was left on the mobile phone. It is a text without the love of him, and at the end, "it is a fan of the tune, it is a new song, and it is the Daily Mail".
So I decided to write a song.
There is no phrase that reminds me of praying.
Just think. Remember. It is made by spinning it.

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Marimba (f21-c76 4-1 / 2 octave) *

Vibraphone (f33-f69 octave), Claves, triangle (3)


Percussion 2: timpani, tam-tam, bass drum

Alto Sax

* if you can prepare c-c-5 octave, play the sound within
2 playing with Super Bowl

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