Furioso and Valse / フリオーソ and waltz [3 duets version]

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Earl Hatch: Sun ugli arranges the famous tune of the hatch for 3 keyboard percussion instrument duets!

Furioso and Valse for Marimba Trio / Earl Hatch (Arr. Claudio Santangelo)

This is for 3 duets
*Because I cannot accept it, the exchange understand the returned goods by buying mistakes beforehand.

Score part-time job music set

[use musical instrument]

5 Marimba (C16-C76 octaves) two

4 Marimba (C28-C76 octaves) one※

3 Vibraphone (F33-F69 octaves) one

※When share a marimba; an unnecessary (there are several places of parts to be covered with with the same sound.) ) that there is no jumping over it

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