Callaway wooden wood pad

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It can practice without worrying about the sound of castanets♪ A pair of two

Fig tellina castanet was released at the same time for the castor silencer.
The sound that becomes careless for practice is erased to some extent.
However, please note that the vibration is transmitted to the lower floor of the knee when you hit the leg.

Felt size s size
Castanets: ca-20sb, ca-20sr, ca-20sg (playwood)
Two sets

* since the tape is attached with a double-sided tape, it may be removed when treated strongly.
* it can be attached to the flamenco type (ebony) ca-12s, but the thickness of the main body of the instrument is thin, so you can afford some when you install it. Please note that it is not a formal conformity.

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