Playwood Fibula Tellina Flamenco CA-20LB L Size

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[HW] certified framenco custard, certified by the Japan Customer Association

This is the full-fledgling flamence-style customer service officially recognized by the Japan CastaNet Association.

The body is made of a fibra resin, and it has a price that is more durable than wood or plastic, but it has a price that is affordable.
It's a good idea to ask you to make a hard and solid attack than a wooden custard.

He is a professional custard player who will be invited to advise Yuji Masai, chairman of the Japan Customer Association, as an adviser and pursue a quality that can be met with advanced performance!
It is the best finish for the orchestra and the band's music, as well as for school equipment, as well as for framenco dancers and loving lovers.
"Tellina (Sakuragai)" is a nickname for "Tellina."

Cat: CA-20LB.
Materials: Fibra resin
Size: L size = 78φ x 105
Color: Black
Double holes (The L size does not have single hole specifications).
A set of two sets.


Sound Trend with Customer-Net CA-20 Series Specifications

Hall shape: Single hole = bright, double hole, or double hole = a slightly deep-deep-deep-deep sound
* Hall shape: the shape of the inner concave
Size: Size: Ssize = Light/M Size = Medium/L size = heavy thickness
Color finish: Black = Normal/Color (Red Green) = Black is a little lower than black

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