"Three pieces" for percussion Op.11

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It is a trio that can be played in a relatively small set

Concert time
Moderato 1 minute 18 sec
Waltz for a minute
Finale 1 / 18 seconds
* performance time depends on the playing method and tempo.
Reference sound source:JPC encemble reservation Vol.11 (CD)

[composer] comment
The keyboard percussion instrument is not used, and the musical instrument organization is made as simple as possible. As the motif of the beginning rhythm (motive), it is reduced and expanded in three different songs of each character. Try not only to play but also to analyze songs. Moreover, this tune is very important. Take out a lot of timbre from one instrument depending on the difference of the bees, the place where the rim and the cup hit, and the way of hitting.

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Bongo, Claves, snaredrum, 3 tomoms, basdrum, tambourine, woodbloc, catanets, suspended cm., triangle, whip, sleighbell, cowbell

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