Pearl Congstand CSS-20S

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A congestand stand for an ensemble.There are three sizes of S M L.

Pearl's standing for the pearl.

Choose a size for the size of the S M L with a size of S M L size.

If you are worried about your size, please contact Eznick City (03-3842-6042).

Size: The diameter of the ring: 30 cm in diameter
Adjust Height -
(* The height from the ground to the surface is about 107cm when the wall is mounted with the kint size of the LP series with the lowest setting.)

* CSS-20S is the size of the kint (11 ") of the Pearl, Toka, SONOR, and LP-Patato models.
The size of the kint size, such as the LP classic model, and the Matador, is to sour the CSS-20M because the body is fat.

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