Greetings To Hermann Fur 6 Tom-Toms Und Bass Drum

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Ensemble of only membrane ranging instruments. Up tempo exciting song.

Greetings Tou Herman / Hans-Gunter Brodmann

A bath drum and an ensemble using six Tomtoms.
Since no other fine instrument is used, the setting is relatively easy to set.
Even with Tomtom's pitch difference, the depth of the song changes.

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[Used instrument]

2-Small Tom-Toms (8 "/ 10")

· 2-TOM-TOMS (12 "/ 13")

· 2-Large Tom-Toms (14 "/ 16")

· Bass Drum

[Playing time]

About 3 minutes 41 seconds

* As a play time for playing time, it is a play time by sound source, so it depends on the performance method and tempo.

[Reference sound source]
"JPC Ensemble Collection Vol.1"

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