Ogawa Satsuko & Stella 21 Percussion Ensemble Japanese Works

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A lot of popular Japanese composer works, famous songs and commissioned songs, a lot of Japanese composer workers' works.

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[recorded music]

1. Fantasy song from Bali '84-percussion six-dorting-Fantaisie de Balli '84 percussion sextet / Yasu Ito Yasuhide ITO

2. Fantasy song from Bali-percussion instrument-Fantaisie de Balli U percussion Septet / Yasu Yasu Yasuhide ITO

3. Customer Rokugo "La Danza" "La Danza" for percussion sextet / Toshihide Ito Yasuhide ITO

4, 5, 6. Five Island Ai-8 Passive Casters-Five Okinawa Songs / Majima Toshio Toshio Mashima
T 花 ~ 花 花 花 Tinsagu-nu-hana ~ndo-no-hana
B bashow-fu
安 安 Yunta-Taya Teese pre-ASADOUYA-YUNTA-TANCHAME

7. Saint Germain's Square-6 Passing Stapers- "Place St. Germain" for Six Percussionista / Majima Toshio Toshio Mashima

8. "Juggler" "Juggler" for Six percussionists / Takahashi Shin'ya Takahashi for 6 percussion

9. Kohno Kukunochi-Wooden VOICES / Nishiho Kazuko Kazuko Nishiue

10. Hexagon Hexagon / Amano Masayoshi Masamicz Amano

11, 12, 13. Lovers Sweets-Suite for Marimba Ensemble- "Sweets for Lovers" Suite for Marimba Ensemble / Yasu Ito Yasuhide ITO
Titiros Titirosu
チ Chocolate Bianca CIOCCOLATE BIANCA
V Gelato Con Cafe Helato Con Caffe

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