Three dances for Marimba and 4 percussions

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A work of Yoshioka Yoshioka who has received high rating overseas. It is assumed that dance is associated with the emerging music even in the ensemble contest.

Three Dances For Marimba and Four Percussionists / TAKAYOSHI YOSHIOKA

Playing time about 14 minutes 20 seconds (for score notation, it is front and back by the playing tempo)

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[Used instrument]

Marimba (F21-C76 4-1 / 2 Octave)

PERC1: TIMPANI (4), Antique Cymbal [D #, F #, G, G #, B (H), C], TAM-TAM, Bongo, Sleigh Bell, Cowbell

Perc2: Glockenspiel (G59-C88 2-1 / 2 Octave), Bass Drum, Suspended Cymbal, Bongo, Guiro, Sizzle Cymbal, Sleigh Bell, Cowbell, Snare Drum, Hi-Hat

PERC3: VIBRAPHONE * (F33-F69 3 Octave), Tambourine, Claves, Aluminium-Pipe (2) or Brake Drum (2), Foot Bass Drum, Guiro, Snare Drum, Tam-Tam

PERC4: TOM-TOM (4), GUIRO, WOOD BLOCK (2), Claves, Bongo, Conga (2), Broken Cymbal (missing), chime, tam-tam, triangle, snare drum, ratchet, caustanets

※ No Vibrato required (also played by Metallophone)

Score only [Please contact us for part music → Publisher]

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