YAMAHA Keiko Abe / Keiko ABE Signature Mallets MKA-05

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Midiam hard head adopting rubber tube winding double structure core

It is the appearance of the Keiko Abe Signature series. In nine types of configurations up to MKA-01-09, it is more important than very common mallets, requires some kind of technique to use this Malette, but further expands the width of your own performance This series is.
MKA-05 is a type that uses a rubber tube winding double structure core as well as Wiltzo model mallet, and the head hardness is medium hard.

※ It will be the delivery date when the manufacturer has stock. (In the case of the New Year and a large holiday, it is not as long as it is displayed)

※ Because this product is also sold at the store, the stock status is not in real time. If you are out of stock at the storefront, it will be ordered.

● Pattern: Latin / rattan
● Total length: 430mm
● Head: Haro winding / medium hard
● Core size: φ30 × 23 mm / rubber tube wound double core structure
● Color Tape: Light Green
● 1 pair of two

※ Because the core structure is different from normal mallet, the index of hardness does not necessarily match the general one.
※ There may be errors in the full length.

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