KOROGI (KOROGI) 600 Series (Rattan Pattern Model) SP-664R

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KOROGI Mallet SP600 Series Lineup

It is the appearance of KOROGI 600 series. Choose a longer pattern than a conventional mallet.
The length uses 430mm for birch material and 417mm to 430mm for rattan material (rattan)
There are as many as 10 types from SP-661 to 670.
Because the pattern is long, the balance is slightly toward the tip of the bee, but until now it has been four bees
If you are worried about not receiving octave performance, please come by all means.

※ It will be the delivery date when the manufacturer has stock.
(During new year holidays and large consecutive holidays, it is not the limit of the display)

※ Because the product of this time is also sold at the store, the stock situation is not real time. Please note that we will order it if it is out of stock at the store.

- Pattern: Rattan
- Head: Woolly white head specification
- Total length: 420mm
- Hardness: MH
- 2 pieces 1 set

* There may be errors in the total length.


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