Paganini Personal Ichiyanagi Kazuo Universe I

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Includes typical works of Ichiginide. "Paganini Personal" recorded by Hiroyuki Iwashiro and Kimura Kimura

Paganini Personal / Cosmos of Toshi Ichiyanagi i

Performance: Hiroyuki Iwashi (1), Kimura Kaori (1-10), Kimura Yusuke (2), Aoi Yanagi (3), Kishiko Kishiko (4)

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[recorded music]

1. Paganini Personal-Malimba and Piano for Piano
Paganini Personal for Marimba and Piano

2. Summer flower ~ Harp and piano
Flowers Blooming in Summer for Harp and Piano

3. Two existence-two pianos
Two Existence for Two Pianos

4. Scene II-Violin and Piano
Scenes II for Violin and Piano

5-10. Cloud expression ~ for piano
Cloud Atlas for Piano

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