Suite for Solo Timpani and Percussion Ensemble

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In a three-part configuration, it consists of a 1-maker, fantastic 2 movement, and a lizzumic 3 movement of a gorgeous fanfare.

"Suite for Solo Timpani and Percussion Ensemble"

«Playing time»
1 Move: 3 minutes 53 seconds
2 Move: 4 minutes 14 seconds
3 Move: 3 minutes 37 seconds
* As a play time for playing time, it is a play time by sound source, so it depends on the performance method and tempo.

[Reference sound source]
"JPC Ensemble Collection Vol. 7"
1)Fanfare and march
(3)African Beat

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[Used instrument]
* Fanfare and march
TIMP, Chim, Glo, B.d, S.D, Tom, Cym, P.CYM, TRI

* Fantasia
Timp, chim, glo, vib, b.d, s.d, tom, cym, tri, tamb, tam.t

* African Beat
Timp, b.d, cong, tom, cym, tri, tamb, w.b, ago, ago, Flying Pan

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