Schlagwerk  2inOne シリーズCajon CP432

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A convenient cajon with two roles. It features a long-sounding bass. With case! 🔊

Schlagwerk's new 2inOne series "Deluxe".
Ebony material is used for the striking surface material, and synthetic material is used for the side material.
Compared to the conventional 2inOne series, the overall range is lower, especially the bulging, long-sounding bass. It is a feature.
The sound line uses 84 spiral lines, and it is now possible to produce a more delicate sound.
Also, if you put the attached cushioning material in the cajon, the sound will be absorbed a little and you can change it to a tight tone.

● Size: Length 30cm x Width 30cm x Height 50cm
● Strike surface material: Ebony plywood
● Side material: SPL synthetic material
● Sound line: 84 lines / No adjustment required / Detachable
● Caphone pad, case (TA-12) included


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