KATO.B.K. Grundton W-85

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KATO.BK Regular Mallet! Soft Type

The Grundtone series is a standard model of Kato Mallet, and the model is separated by the hardness of the mallet head. It is devised so that you can play with the same sound quality from p to ff after cutting unnecessary harmonics significantly.

The W-85 is a soft model with a rich sound that wraps around the orchestra and the entire band.

Not only the rich rolls on the large timpani, but also the sound with a solid core in the sound expresses a dignified rhythm!

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About the KATO.BK Grundton series
"Grundton" literally translates to "basic sound"
Based on the recipe specified by Mr. Seegers This is the basic series of KATO mallets, which was created by examining the balance and hardness of the prototypes.

● Head hardness: W / soft
● Core material: cloth core / composite material available
● Felt thickness: 5 + 5mm
● Felt winding number: 2 < br> ● Bamboo handle (with grip tube)
● A set of two

◆ About KATO BK (KATO.B.K/ Kato Mallet)
Former Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra All handmade timpani mallet by Mr. Akihiro Kato, the chief timpani player of.

With our unique core material, it is possible to bring out a richer and deeper sound with less cracking of the sound.

Its high quality is highly evaluated not only in Japan but also in Europe, and it is extremely popular.

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