Dan mer machine castanets DM-16B

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Functional マウンタブル castanets!

Functional マウンタブル castanets!
It is a tone crisp brightly. I can regulate the gap between castanets condition with a screw. I am attached to cymbals stands and use it.

●Castanets: Synthetic resin
●Size: 15cm *12cm
●Stand installation type

※A photograph is a sample. The specifications including the installation part of a sticker and castanets vary according to arrival time slightly.
※There is the point where is rough-hewn made including the processing of the pedestal and the spring installation part.
※Installation does not have any problem, but there is the case that is different from a photograph in the specifications of mount parts.
Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
Specifically, please refer. (an ethnic city:) TEL03-3842-6042)

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