Mira for percussion sextet and contrabass

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It is a tune that various musical instruments change around the vibraphone. Add a change of the player, and double the fun!

[playing time]
About four minutes and 45 seconds
* performance time depends on the playing method and tempo.

This tune is composed of various musical instruments B and B in the three parts of sudden, slow, and steep.
Mira is a famous variable star in the center of the jellyfish, and it is the star which changes the luminous intensity according to the name. The melody of the tune also changes. Please make sure to make changes to the work of the players.

Reference sound source
JPC ensemble collection Vol.6

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Glockenspiel, xylophone, bongo


III. marimba (a25-c76 4-1 / 3 octave, cow bell (2), Tam Tam *)

Chime, Tam Tam, tambourine, castanet, marimba *

V. timpani (4), triangle, Claves

Contraass or Marimba

Drumset, wind chime, wood block (2)

Tamm Tam, marimba can be shared between iii.iv

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