LP Carl Pellazzo Model Timbares LP257KP

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Bronze Finish Timbares! 🔊

LP's New Standard "Karl Pellazzo" model Timbares.
The Steel Shell is finished with a bronze finish and features a bright pyela's sound.
Also, compared to the traditional LP Timbares, it is nice to be affordable. There is no doubt that the bronze finish is a gold part with a goal of the stage!
※ The length of the lug becomes short, and the pyella became easier to hit.

● Size: 14 "+15" x 6.5 "
● Shell: Steel (Bronze Finish)
● Accessories: Stand, stick, tuning wrench

※ All Timbares of our shop is shipped after opening, inspection and tuning.
If you tune it, please note that you may have a strip with the head.

※ You can see painted unevenness inside and inside the drum. Please note that it is specially made in manufacturing.

If you would like a unopened product, please note the note in the remarks field when ordering.

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