JPC ensemble collection Vol.3

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Original composition and original arrangement by gorgeous artist


1 just wait / Mataro
"Look now!" The title of the meaning.
Because various rhythms such as March, Latin, and Africa come, it is a work which cherished each "grove = nori".
< 8th / >

2. Arr.Gary P. Gilroy
A well-known, Mozart composed twinkle star variation.
By playing with percussion, you can express unique cuttings and uplifting, and become one tune of harmony.
< tt / intermediate >

Mambo Africano / Alice Gomez, Marilyn life
The melodies of the 1st marimba that echoes to the melody of 1st marimba and the repeated Mambo musical instruments are made to be an image of the African.
Bongo means.
< sixth / first intermediate >

I want to make a bright and pleasant feeling. The scene develops many times, and the impression changes rapidly.
< fifth / first intermediate >

Funk groove
Because the Handle that is played by the drum set is divided into each part, the combination is important.
< tt / intermediate >

It is a trio of simple instruments, but it is an uptempo groove that has a feeling of unity.
< third >

7. 12.
I selected 6 pieces suitable for percussion from the ballet music "ghaneine" of hachaturian.
Play freely in combination.
< sixth / intermediate > >

Sabre Dance
Aiher's dance
Dance of young maidens
Nune's variation

The rhythm such as Africa, Korea, and Japanese music appears. Please do not hesitate in the musical instrument and use the drum with the difference between the two.
< fifth >

It is popular among percussion ensemble.
It is the first movement to which the balance of the melody and the drum is good, and the balance of the melody and the drum gives a pleasant tension, the second movement of the Viola phone is beautiful, and it goes to the gorgeous end.
< fifth >

First movement
2nd Movement
3rd movement

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