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Musical instruments and tools for playing instruments are to be used in a normal or right way of use.
It may not be able to produce the sound necessary to use it in a state of bad condition, or it may adversely affect play or may cause damage to the worst case.
And what's important is the daily care and the right way to use it.

Relax, reassurance.

Recently, I haven't used it for a long time, but I haven't used it for a long time, but I've got a little bit of worry about it.

In many ways, there are many people who have anxiety about their own musical instruments.
Why don't you leave us with the instruments that are important to us?

Your experienced JPC staff will be able to hold your precious musical instruments well.

JPC has received repairs and maintenances for the products that have been purchased, of course, for those who have purchased the percussion instruments that have been purchased.

We will take responsibility for the important instruments that we deposit with our store staff to check the state of the instruments in a detailed manner, so that we can proceed with the work quickly and politely.

*If the repair work is not compatible with the equipment at the store, the repair and maintenance will be entrusted to the professional partner, ripper, and manufacturer.

Adjusting and repairing instrumentsMaintenance work

Recently, I have been in a bad temp, and I've lost my temp, and I'll have to talk to you about it.Please do not hesitate to take care of your instruments, from minor to easy repair and adjustments such as a snea drums head replacement and tuning!

Cleaning overhaulMusical cleaning, overhaul

If you don't have time for you, you can't do well for yourself, and you can play with us.We will decompose, check, and clean the details and make the equipment available for the best condition.

Alteration of musical instruments and offer of ideasProviding a Setting Idea

I want to put the FT into BD, and I don't want to find something like this or something like that.
Please don't like to consult with me at any time.There are a lot of cases where you can do something with your staff experience and know-how.Let' s think together for a good way!

a bark head replacementHead tension

How many of you don't even know how to get from Tambarin to Jumbe?
From the bark selection to the tuning of the JPC!

Contact us

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  • Concert percussion-related
    Percussion City: TEL 03-3845-3041
  • of the percussion instruments
    Esnick City: TEL 03-3842-6042
  • Drumset-related
    DramCity TEL: 03-3842-6044
  • You can contact me by email. > >

*Please consult with any other information.I'll do whatever I can to do!
* The labor cost varies depending on the work of the work.Please contact us for more information.