State charge for transporting and loading musical instruments
Usually within the 23 th ward (locally-dressed am 9:00, PM 9: 00% implemented) and six-pack. 19800 (tax transfer)
Peri 23 th ward (local outfit am 9:00 to PM 9: 00% implemented) and I have a six-pack. 25300 (tax receipt)
The origin point is within five kilometers of nishiasakusa 1 - 7 - 1 one way.
Area loading fee must be contacted by the personnel.
If one day service and loading is another day, an extra charge will be for six-pack, six-pack, and six-pack, in the 23 th precinct, in the case of the outer 9900 th district.

When it comes below, additional expenses will be added.

For instruments that can't be loaded on one high ace, it will be load loading loading work using 1 t trucks, plus 2 (tax) and six-pack, in addition to the loading cost above.

If you specify an additional price for this extension.
Additional charges occur in 30 minutes, and an additional 5500 (tax) and a six-pack.

For loading and loading works using the stairs, each one pays an extra price for a six-pack.

Admission to places other than the music hall will add a separate charge.
( For example, the live house wedding hall, the hotel, Temple gym and gallery

S * s is stolen and returned
Rental instruments are for use and return within the JPC operating hours (weekdays and Saturdays am 11:00 to PM 7:00) on public holidays am e extrimelabelbdmtbdmt ~ PM r e g e x timeslabelbdmtbdmt). If you want to return the previous day or the day before, all charges will be charged for instrument restraint. The charge for the instrument is half of the rent for a day.