Percussion City 5F

KOMAKI BLDG. 5F TEL: 03-3485-3041

A group of concerts and percussion with 2 floors!

The 5th floor is a spacious academic space, with stylish items that make you feel nostalgic.

The amount of combined cymbals in stock that is rarely seen in Japan.

A group of small musical instruments such as tambourines and triangles that make you feel nostalgic even if you don't usually touch percussion instruments.

In the score corner where you can carefully select in a spacious space, you can find scores and instructional books such as marimba solo, multi-percussion, and percussion ensemble, which boast an overwhelming variety and number.
There are plenty of sound sources such as ensembles centered on percussion instruments and solo works.

TEL: 03-3845-3041 (common to 6F and 5F)

In response to the state of emergency issued by the government, we will shorten the business hours as follows for the time being.
The customer will apologize very much inconvenience and inconvenience, you or thank you for your understanding.

◆ Business hours: Mon-Sat 12:00-19:30 / Sat-Sun&public holidays 11:00-18:30
◆ Store holidays: Every Tuesday (excluding holidays)

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