Drum City

KOMAKI BLDG. 2F TEL: 03-3482-6044

A discerning drum shop that emphasizes dialogue with customers

Even if you peruse the catalog, listen to the opinions of many people, and gain a lot of knowledge, you cannot grasp the essence of the instrument.
The sound of only one note you played rather than 100 knowledge .... No other information can eloquently understand the essence of an instrument.
We will help you create an environment where you can touch, try, and check what you want, and choose the best instrument for you.
We aim to create such a store that can produce the best encounters for you.

TEL: 03-3842-6044

In response to the state of emergency issued by the government, we will shorten the business hours as follows for the time being.
The customer will apologize very much inconvenience and inconvenience, you or thank you for your understanding.

◆ Business hours: Mon-Fri 12:00-19:30 / Sat-Sun&public holidays 11:00-18:30

◆ Store holidays: Every Tuesday (excluding holidays)