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Ryō KASAI: A light melody popped out of a light melody.Deployment of A-B-A '.

Hello My Friend/Kasai Ryo

Ryoji Kasai, who is in charge of composing with Hiroshi YAMAZAWA in the group of percussion instruments, is in charge of the group.
The songs that have been played for a long time have finally started to sell!

Normally, only the store is available in the printed score state.
You will not be able to purchase this musical score via the other store.

If you have any questions about the download information, authorization relationships, and the content of the download,The group of male percussion instrumentsUntil now.

*Please note that your return and exchange may be accepted due to the wrong purchase or other purchase.

[Use Instruments]

Marimba (C28-C76 4 Octave) 1

1. Marimba (F21-C76 4-1/2 Octave)

Marimba ("C16-76 5 octave)"

*It is possible to share on the first and fourth parts.
If you don't share, add one more than 4 octave of Malimba.

[Time to Play]

About 5 minutes, 30 seconds to 6 minutes.

Two marlets.

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