JPC Membership System

Safe support for ¥ 1,650 for ¥ 1,650!

Powerfully supporting all percussion telopers from both sides of soft hard, regardless of genreI will.
(You need an admission fee ¥ 2.200)

Membership benefits

◆ Shopping to the advantage
Percussion Center When shopping with each floor, you can purchase a member price if you present a member certificate (some exclusion items are also available).
You can also enjoy shopping at member prices even in online shops (user registration is required separately).

◆ Online shop · User registration conveniently shopping
Online shop EJPC membership registration, etc., in addition to shopping at member prices,Various functions can be used, such as confirmation of purchase history, registration of favorite product, automation of delivery address input, and delivery of multiple delivery destinations, and delivery of members-limited e-mail magazine.

◆ Members Magazine
We will send you the original information magazine "JPC" (fixed price ¥ 315) published four times a year. In addition, guidance of various events will be sent at any time.
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◆ Events are also special
You can participate in the clinic, events such as each floor, etc. by membership price. Rental studios in Komakibir are available at member prices.

◆ For 10 years continue to VIP members
If you are continuing for 10 years, you will issue a VIP card and decide the subsequent annual fee.

◆ We will prepare various content on the website in the future.

How to join

■ Apply at the store after the store

Fill in the required items on the application form, member registration costs 3,850 yen (admission fee 2,200 yen + annual fee ¥ 1,650 yen) + Consumption tax will be added. We will issue a membership card as soon as the registration procedure is completed.

※ We are prepared at the store. When you wish to admin, please feel free to voices to the staff.

■ Those who can not apply at the store

· Please contact us if you want to join by email or phone (if you're an email, be sure to ask the subject [JPC admission request]).
· Admission application is available from the link below. If you can not print, we will mail it, so please apply at the time of application).
Admission application form PDF download

· Please pay the member registration fee ¥ 3,850 to the following account. Please contact me after completing your payment.
Deposit account: Japan Post Bank 00190-7-153115 Subscriber name: Komaki Incital Co., Ltd.

In the case of transfer from other financial institutions
· Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Asakusa Branch Account 1077
· Mizuho Bank Kaminarimon Branch Account 140748
  Both recipient names are: Kabushikigaisha Komaki Gakki or Komakaki

· Please fill out the required items on the application form and send it with FAX or mail with a copy copy at the time of registration costs.

· We will send a member certificate as soon as the registration work is completed.

Way of continuing

The period for receiving membership is one year after joining.
When delivering a pre-warning that celebrates a deadline, we will request a fee for the next one year.
If you wish to continue, please pay ¥ 1,650.

If you do not pay, you will be withdrawn.
If you are continuing for 10 years, you will issue a VIP card and will exempt from the subsequent annual fee.