REMO パンデイロ PD8210-81-213 [box rag special price]

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It is パンデイロ of the steal jingle of レモ.

パンデイロ of レモ plastic head specifications!

As for the head, the skin which a print such as the real leather was put for is deep. Because a ring mute is set up in the backside of the head, an extra harmonic overtone stops, and low ranges sound well.

Jingle picks up one piece of flat steal Jingle with two pieces of steal Jingle.

●Size: 10 "X 47mm in height
●A shell: Wood
●A head: Deep skin (plastic head)
●Round hoop
●プラチネーラ (jingle): Five sets
●タハーシャ (tension hook): Six places
●Weight: Approximately 520 g

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