Playwood Takayoshi Yoshioka Model M-1001R

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M-1000 Series Popular Takayoshi Yoshioka Rattan Pattern Model ※2 Pieces 1 Set

It is the most popular marimba mallet in Playwood.
The sound does not break even in the low frequencies, and the high frequencies are more clear, so you can play an active part in a wide range of styles such as solos, ensembles, and wind orchestras.

※ Because the product of this time is also sold at the store, the stock situation is not real time. Please note that we will order it if it is out of stock at the store.

Hardness: VH
Size: φ28×420
Pattern: Rattan pattern
Material: Woolly black
2 pieces 1 set

※ Please note that the color of the wool may change due to the convenience of the manufacturer.

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