Grand Ballroom Waltz / Grand Ballroom Waltz

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William J. Schinstine: 2 Solo Works for Mallet
[C-F 3-1 / 2 Octave]

Grand Ball Room Waltz / William J Sinthin

The ballroom is a dance chamber where ballroom dancing etc. will be held.
In the dance, it is an image of dancing Waltz.

It is a simple waltz work that can be played by education marimba and Zilephone ※.
It is possible to play with desktop (F57-C88 2-1 / 2 octave) except for the sound of "low de" coming out only one sound.

※ The height of the sound that actually comes out will change the height of the sound actually exits by the setting range of the Zeirophone (syrophone and wood) main unit.

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"Used instrument example"

Marimba (tener bus C28-F69 3-1 / 2 octave) etc.
Xylophone (Soprano-C52-C88 3 Octave / Alto Tester C40-F81 3-1 / 2 Octave)

2 Mallet Beginner (Grade: 2)

[Reference performance time]
About 2 minutes and 30 seconds * Varies to play, tempo etc.

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