The Principal Delusion [16 on the keyboard percussion instrument Musical play]

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Tomasz Gorinsky: The Malimba Orchestra by popular Golinski in recent years

The Principal dellusion/Tomasz Golinsky

In some cases, tsunoirui (a type of horn) or abrasion by the time of import.

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Scoring ParotoSets

[Use Instruments]

Glockenspiel (G59-C88 2-1/2 Octave)

Chime (C-F 1-1/2 Octave)

2. Xylophone (F45-C88 3-1/2 Octave)

Vibraphone (F33-F69 3 octave)

Marimba (C16-C76 5 Octave): Ten people in five octaves

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