LP Groove Cajon Americana Custom LPC1427ES

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Slim size MADE IN USA cajon. It is a Japanese limited ebony silk custom model!

LP Americana, custom cajon.
The faceplate is a Japanese limited specification "ebony silk"!
The color contrast between gray and natural is beautiful.

It is a somey horizontal slim size with snare drum snappy inside and requires little maintenance.

The body has weights for this size, and the bulge of the bass is solid.
It is a bright sound that the sound of the tree comes out to the front with a crisp beating feeling.

- Size: about 26cm in height× about 29cm in width× about 49cm in height
- Hitting surface: Ebony silk
- Sound line / snappy press (2 pairs) adjustment unnecessary
- Made in California

※ The image is a sample.
Because it is a wooden musical instrument, please note that there are individual differences in wood and sound.

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