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A multi clamp that is attached to a hoop, such as snare drum and TAM, combined with various rods

Hoop grip (hoop grip) is attached to the hoop part of the Tom or snare drum, and is attached to the rod and mount arm to attach the accessories such as cymbals and percussion to the drum set easily. It has flexibility to correspond to various thickness and shape hoops, excluding wood hoops, so you can achieve various set-up depending on the drummer's idea.
In addition, it corresponds to "sound customization" that puts the splash cymbals on the snare drum. It is a proposal from TAMA that makes the drummer unique, original sound, and play that produces the effect that has effect on snare sound.

Rod: 9 mm to 12 mm

The method of attaching to the hoop is very simple just by tightening the bolt on the top with a drum key. It can be attached to the hoop of various thickness and shape by adjusting the position of the nail to be fixed to the hoop using the drum hammer dh7 and 5mm hexagonal wrench sold separately.
* it does not correspond to the wood hoop.
* various kinds of rod, cymbal, percussion are sold separately. Please accept it beforehand.
* there are small scratches and slices for store items, but there is no problem in use.
* it becomes the shipment in the absence of the package for the exhibition special price article.

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