Kitayama Triangle: 24cm x 7mm

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This is the subject of the Kitayama Triangle!

The Hokuyama Triangle has recently been a hot topic of conversation.
This is the work of Kitayama, which is made by the Kitayama clan in the form of one hand.

images and reference sound will be received at the time of receipt, and may be different from the actual items that will be delivered.
Please refer to the product as a reference for the same type of product.
-It is a product that is on display at the store, so the batter and the cloudy due to the specimen and the ensemble are available.Please accept.

24 centimeters long, 7 millimeters per second.
Material: Bronze alloys

This 24cm x 7mm is the size of the lineup of the JPC Corabo.

It is the finest type of the instrument currently in inventory.
(In the Kitayama JPC Colabo musical instrument, 9mm is the most delicate, and it is thinner than that.)

*This product is usually the size of order production and is in the delivery period.
In the case of an over-the-counter exhibit inventory, it can be delivered in a few days.

It may be slightly different from the display size for hand-made products.
See as a reference value.

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