Mike Balter/Balter Malletsancient noble-minded priest Keiko series marimba mallet B526B

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Ancient noble-minded priest Keiko series Birch pattern software

I do Mike Balter/Balter Malletsが collaboration rate with Japanese marimba player playing an active part wide, ancient noble-minded priest Keiko, and a world is born marimba mallet. Balance "that" that "is not too heavy as for the mallet designed for a marimba player corresponding to a great variety of music sincere, to face each other in music and" are perfect. I draw a clean attack from all ranges of the marimba, and a smooth roll is played in any dynaMikes.

※This product is store, but there is not the stock situation in the real time to sell it. Because it becomes the order at store when it is out of stock, approve it beforehand. In addition, about the order of the import goods mallet, please be careful because you may have considerable time.

●A pattern: Satin Birch
●Full length: 435mm
●Hardness: Software (head 41.3mm in diameter)
●Woolen yarn: Off-white
●One set of two of them

※Full length includes the case that there is an error in.

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