Mike Balter/Balter Mallets Kotoku Keiko Series Marinba Mallet B521B

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Kotoku Keiko Series: Ekstra Hurd

This is the marinbameret that was created by collaborating Japanese marinba player Kotoku Keiko and Mike Balter/Balter Mallets who are active in the World Wide.Maretto designed for a variety of musical geniuses that face serious music, and the marimests, are "not too heavy" and a "perfect balance."It pulls out a clean attack from any range of the malimba, and is able to play a smooth role in any dynaMike.

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The Tsuka: Satin Birch -
Total length: 435 mm
Hardness in hardness: Extra Hard (Head diameter 33.3mm)
Med yarn: Off-white
Two pairs of one -

* There may be an error in the overall length of the system.


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