Mike Baltterochor Grocken Series BGP-3

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Ratan, Fenolic, Head, Head Grocken Mallette.

This is a product that Comaki and Mike Bulter collaborated over the years.Grockenmaret with the core of Brass (brass), which is not superficial, will also unwind the leeway with the core, even from the high-end glocken of the thick onboard.

*This product is also sold in the over-the-counter market, so the inventory availability is not real-time.If the stock is out of stock at the store, please make sure that it is taken up and is therefore not accepted.Please note that it may take a considerable amount of time for the importation of the imported marlet to be taken.

Tsuka: Ratan
* Head: Fenolic (28.5mm)
(Hard) Hardness: Hard
Total Length: 280mm
* 2 A set of books

About head material = Phenolic (phenolic)
The phenol resin is the first artificially created plastic material in the world, and the black plastics that are used to handle pots and cans in the most innate way.

It is a very hard material, but it is too fragile because it is too hard to handle, so care must be taken.


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