Mike Balter Metal Core Glocken Series BGP-2

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Latin pattern phenolic head glocken mallet

It is a product that is collaborated by Komaki trading and Mike Balter over the year. A glocken mallet with a brass (brass) core, also pulled out the echoes of a margin that contains "core", which is not surface, even from the high-quality glocken of the thick tower.

※ Because this product is also sold at the store, the stock status is not in real time. If you are out of stock at the storefront, it will be ordered. Please note that we may receive considerable time for the order of imported goods Mallet.

● Pattern: rattan
● Head: Phenolic (25.4 mm)
● Hardness: Hard
● Total length: 280mm
※ 2 sets

About head material = phenolic (phenolic)
Phenolic resin (Bakelite) is the first artificially created plastic material in the world, and the black plastic used for handles such as pot and Yakan!

It is a very hard material, but there is also a fragile that is too hard, so be careful about handling.

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