Mike barter Metallica groskin series bgl-2

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Clare lecture clip

It is a product that commerce and Mike barter collaborated for years. It is a glossy mallet with a brass (brass) core, and a thick sound board of thick glossy also pulls out the surface which is not superficial, "core".

* since this product is sold at the store, the stock situation is not real time. Please note that if you are out of stock at the store, it will be taken away. Please note that there may be a considerable amount of time for the delivery of imported mallets.

Head material: clear
Head hardness: medium
Head diameter: About
Head color: clear
Total length: approximately 280 mm
Pattern: rattan
Two pairs

Lexan / Lexan
A kind of polycarbonate polymer.
It looks very similar to acrylic, but it has very high transparency, impact resistance, and has a low specific gravity.

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