Night of Moon Dances / Night of Moon Dance [Mar + 4 PERC]

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Eckhard Kopetzki: A work for Solo Malimba and 4 percussions.

Night of Moon Dansise / Eckhard Kopetsuki

It is a work with so-called "Kopetski section", including Malimba's melody and how to use percussion.

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Score part music set

[Used instrument]

Solo Marimba (C16-C76 5 Octave)

Perc1: Bass Drum, Splash Cymbal

PERC2: TOM-TOM (2), chinese Cymbal, Brake Drum (3)

Perc3: Bongo, Bell (3), Crash Cymbal, Timpani, Cowbell on Timpani, CRASH CYMBAL ON TIMPANI

PERC4: TOM-TOM (2), TAM-TAM, can (3), VIBRAPHONE only use the range on the tone above (minimum use sound B♭[A #] 50)

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