Encore Mallets Nanae Mimura Concerto series em-nmc 5R

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Concerto series rattan medium soft

It is a full volume specification corresponding to Concerto and percussion ensemble back to Orchestra and Wind Orchestra. Add weight to the head, and you can easily have the volume. A little tiled yarn makes the passage more distinct with clearer articulation and clear sound. Mallet from the bottom of 5 octave marimba can be expressed in color. It is the best accessory that you want to try even for solo performance.
Hard: medium soft

* the paint on the package may stick to the thread, but it does not affect the sound. Please accept your understanding of the product.
* since this product is sold at the store, the stock situation is not real time. Please note that if you are out of stock at the store, it will be taken away. Please note that there may be a considerable amount of time for the delivery of imported mallets.

Nylon yarn
Stitch color: light blue
Long shaft R & D
Head core: latex disk type core
Two pairs

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